Monday Made It - Specials Signs

Monday, July 29, 2013

I love to draw and doodle and color and all of those creative type things.  So this week, I am featuring my specials signs for Tara’s Monday Made It feature.

In my school, we have five “special” classes: Art, Music, Gym (which the teacher insists on calling PE), Computer Lab, and Library.  To help the kids remember when each class is held, I put signs up in my classroom depicting the class name and the time it’s held.  Last year, I made these doodled signs and the kids really liked them.  I even saw them mimicking the style in their own drawings! (Pardon the glare...I laminated the signs, and they didn't photograph so well...) 

Unfortunately, I mounted the signs on green paper….which fit the theme I’ve had in my classroom for the last four years, but doesn’t fit my new theme idea.  I’m planning to redo my room in red, white, and blue with stars and stripes (because, I AM an American History geek, and I like the idea of carrying it into the room).  I’d still like to use these posters, so I may be remounting them in the two weeks before school starts this year…

On the blog, I also made something new....a feature called the Saturday Summary.  It will be a place for bloggers to link up a summary of their week.  It will let us get to know each other better and will introduce people to new blogs.  If you're interested, my first summary post is here so you can learn more!


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