Monday Made It – June 29, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

I am excited to participate in Monday Made It today with Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics.

I decided that this year, I would take a little time off from working on school stuff (gasp!) and work on a hobby instead.  So I dusted off my sewing machine, spent way too much money at JoAnn’s, and got going!  I am excited to share two completely non-school-related Made It projects today:

PJ Pants
I decided the best project to start with was something easy, but useful…like pj pants.  Since I live in these all summer long, I decided to get some lightweight cotton.  I made a pattern out of an old shopping bag, and used my favorite pjs as a guide.  

Next, I cut the fabric for each half of the pants.

Pinned them together, sewed them up, added an elastic waist…
 And finished!

iPad Case
I found a really cute pattern for an iPad case on Pinterest (here is the pin).  The pattern is for a vintage looking case that is super cute, but when I was at the fabric store, I found some awesome zebra felt, so I changed the pattern a little.  I didn’t take photos of the steps for this project because it was so quick and easy!
This is the finished project though:

(I used black embroidery floss to wind the buttons together, so it’s hard to see in the photo.)

Reusable Shopping Bag
Project 3 is actually project 2.5, since it’s not actually finished yet.  I found this awesome fabric at Hancock Fabrics over the weekend, and I wanted to use it, so I decided to make a reusable shopping bag.  I know you can buy them for significantly less than I’m spending on this project, but it’s about the creativity right now...

I decided to use the fabrics to make a quilted exterior for the bag, so I cut five of the fabrics into 5 x 5 inch squares.  (This took forever, and I was super glad to have a rotary cutter!)

Then, I laid out the pieces into a pattern I was happy with.  (I thought they would all fit on the towel.  They did not…)

Next I sewed all of the pieces together to make the quilt.  I took this picture before I finished, but I did actually sew the whole thing together.  

In fact, I sewed the entire bag together and ironed it into shape.

I even stitched up the lining.

But I haven’t added straps or sewn it together yet.  Hopefully by next Monday!
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