The Second Chance Pass

Saturday, August 24, 2013

As the year begins in my classroom, there are TONS of procedures to go over, teach, and review.  One thing I hit hard is homework.  I really emphasize responsibility in getting homework done and turned in.  However, I explain that I understand that we all have “oh no!” moments, so in my classroom, I implement the Second Chance Pass.  

During the first week of school, students receive two Second Chance Passes.  The second chance pass has a place for their name, the assignment name, and the original due date.  It also has directions explaining that the pass must be turned in with the late assignment and that it can’t be used for long term projects, only daily assignments.  

I like the concept of the Second Chance Pass because it recognizes that we all make mistakes.  I’m putting it in my TpT store as a free item if you’d like to try it out in your room!


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