Math Rules

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yesterday and Monday, I spent several hours at school working registration, meeting with my team (which was wonderful!), and even a few minutes working on setting up the room.  One thing I did was hang my Math Rules wall.  In my room there are four rules for math that I reinforce and emphasize to my kids.  

1. Remainders do not exist (in division)

2. All fractions are division problems

3. The simplest form of any improper fraction is a whole or mixed number

4. There is another way to do the problem.

These rules were inspired by one of my co-teachers during my first few years, Mr. Dowling, so in the photo, you can see that they are labeled as Mr. Dowling’s Math Rules.  Mr. Dowling has retired now, but is still remembered fondly, even by kids who never had him.  So, to honor the fact that I borrowed the idea, I credit him on the posters.


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