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Monday, August 5, 2013

It’s Monday and time for Monday Made It at Fourth GradeFrolics!  I am super excited about my project for this week.  I have seen several bloggers featuring their READ signs and letters, and so I decided to make my own.  My classroom is all done in blue and green with stars as a decorating theme and while I searched for some awesome star paper to use, I didn’t find anything I fell in love with, so I decided to go with plain old paint.

First I went to Jo-Ann’s for my letters.  I LOVE these because they remind me of Dr. Seuss lettering.  (Of course the letters went on sale the day after I purchased them, so I’m in the process of buying new ones to return for a price adjustment, but they are all out of A’s!)

Then I painted the insides of the letters green,
the outside of the letters blue, and I finished them with some Mod Podge for a glossy (water resistant) finish.  I’m REALLY happy with how they turned out!


Dawnn Montague said...

Cute! I love the color choice. Green and blue are my two favorites. ;) Somehow I haven't seen other READ signs or letters before, so I may just have to copy your idea if you don't mind. I made a "currently reading" sign to set on my desk if you'd like to copy that idea from me. :)

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Deb Hanson said...

I LOVE your READ I just need TIME to make one of my own. I'm signing on to follow your blog! ~Deb
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