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Friday, August 9, 2013

As I get ready to start another year, organization is always at the forefront of my mind.  I am an organization-aholic.  I love containers and binders and folders and anything that can make organizing things easier.  Unfortunately, sometimes I’m a little too organized….I have such specific places for things that sometimes I end up with piles of file folders on my desk.  After seeing teacher binders all over the blog world and Teachers Pay Teachers, I decided that I’d try that to minimize some of the file folder craziness.

So, yesterday, I spent some time creating my own teacher binder.  It’s just decorated with a simple pattern of stars that I found from Ashley Hughes.  You can get the pack of stitched stars at her TpT store here, and she has TONS of other cool stuff!

My Teacher Binder has pages for Class List, Calendar, Parent Contact, Staff Meetings, Student Information, and Student Data.  I also created pages for Parent Contact Log (to record when I email or call parents), Student Birthdays, and How We Get Home.  I’m pretty excited about trying my new binder!

(I did put the file on TpT here if you’d like to try a simple teacher binder as well!)


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