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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Going to the library is one of my favorite things to do….it always has been!  And I remember scouring my teachers’ classroom libraries for the perfect book when I was in school, so when I got my first classroom (9 years ago) my goal was to create an awesome classroom library of my own.  I’m not 100% thrilled with the quantity of books – you can NEVER have enough books! – but I feel like I have a pretty strong selection.  With that said, today I’m going to share my classroom library with my readers.

This is the main section of the library.  I organize the books on the left by series with a label on each basket for the appropriate series.  Then in the middle shelf, I start organizing the baskets by level.  
We use AR in my building, so each basket is split up by AR level.  There is a colored dot on each label depicting it’s level, and then each book has a matching dot on the spine.

This is my nonfiction shelf.  It doesn’t have nearly enough on it, but with the cost of books, it is a slow going process to fill the shelf.  At least the kids like the books that are there! (Also, don't mne my mess of a desk in the's still a work in progress...)

That’s a look at my library…what do you do to organize yours?


Courtney @ said...

Big library! nice!

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