Words of Wisdom Wall

Monday, September 2, 2013

I have tons of posters, both purchased and home made, that have inspirational quotes on them.  The posters range from a Garfield poster that says, “Those who can read should,” to quotations from some of the Founding Fathers.  I never know where to put these posters, so usually, I get them out, discuss the quotation with the kids, and then put the posters back in a cabinet somewhere.  

But not this year!  Last week, an idea hit me, so I created a Words of Wisdom wall in my classroom.

You will obviously notice that the wall is pretty empty right now.  That is because I plan on adding to it throughout the year.  I will share the posters with my kids and we’ll discuss them just like I used to.  But now, they will have a home on this wall after they’ve been discussed.  You can already see my first two additions.  The one on the left says, “If you don’t have time to do it right, you must have time to do it over.”  And the one on the left is the Garfield “People who can read, should” poster.

What inspirations do you share with your kids throughout the year?


Heather Peterman said...

Good Idea! I have a quote of the week board that I use to share inspirational quotes with my students. Every Monday, there is a new quote that they have to read and analyze. I like your idea of adding to the board and having it up all year! :)

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