Classroom Reveal (Finally)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I have been back to school for two and a half weeks now, so I suppose it is time to do a classroom reveal.  First, the “before” picture.

I had to start by arranging things and finding five more desks for my room (I went up from 24 last year to 29 this year).

With everything arranged, it looked like this:

My Classroom Library:

(That is my messy, work-in-progress desk in the background.  With everything in its place, my desk area looks like this:

Next to my desk, I have a bulletin board that I made with cute fabric from my old classroom theme.  (I really need to change it to follow my star theme, but the bookworms on the current fabric are just so cute!)  This is the area where I display things that are important to me.  A picture of my first class, a sign from our last school carnival, funny or meaningful comic strips and quotations, and awards I’ve won or my classes have won.  You can also see a picture of the current swim team that I coach and a few drawings kids have made for me in the past.

My Homework Club board and the thermometer I keep in my classroom (so I can complain when the “real” thermostat says 72, but mine says 80)
This is my Reading and Writing wall.  (The letters for Writing are light blue and show up fine in real life, but apparently, not in photos.)  You can see the CRAFT and VOICES displays that I got from Ladybug’s Teacher Files and the Genre Posters are available in my TpT store here.


Next to the Reading and Writing wall is my welcome station.  The stars on the whiteboard is how students make their lunch choice for the day and how I check attendance at a glance.  (Any stars left on the table are absent – but I do double check to make sure they aren’t just forgetful!) 
After taking the picture, I added this to my welcome board:
These are the displays that I have on bulletin boards and walls in my room: 

And the door out of my room with a Pintrest inspired poster.
That is my classroom this year.  Thanks for sticking around for such a long post!


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