Sunday Scoop – February 22, 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

This week, I’m linking up with The Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop. 

3 things I have to do…
* Grade my mountain of papers – I had the stomach flu on Thursday and Friday, so my grading took a back burner to sleep.  Then, I spent yesterday lesson planning.  So today is grading day!

* Prepare for Monday’s swim meet – I am coaching the middle school swim team, and our first meet is Monday!  (It was supposed to be last week, but wind chills of -25 closed school and cancelled the meet.)  I need to enter my lineup (which is finished!) into my database so everything is set.  However, this will require a trip to school….so I may wait until tomorrow morning for that.

* Vacuum – I have a golden retriever, so I have to vacuum just about every day.

2 things I hope to do…
* Finish my book – I’m reading Eleanor and Park byRainbow Rowell, and it is fantastic!  I’m hoping to finish it this afternoon.

* Brush Nellie – The golden retriever I mentioned REALLY needs a brushing.  But she HATES being brushed.  I am hoping to win the battle today.

1 thing I’m happy to do
* A little bit of relaxing! – This coming week is going to be a busy one, with two swim meets in addition to practice and school.  I’m happy to do a little reading and relaxing this afternoon to prepare for the crazy week ahead.


Kim said...

My family has a few goldens, but they LOVED to be brushed. I'm so sorry that she hates it because I totally understand the necessity of them being brushed regularly. Good luck with the battle!

Sweet Sweet Primary said...

Your dog is so pretty!

Grade 4 Buzz said...

Oh my goodness, your dog is precious!!! Look at that face! Have a great day!
Grade 4 Buzz

Beth said...

I love Nellie! She must be related to my Omar (black lab girl with a boy's name) because she hates being brushed as well. Such a struggle but she looks so good when it's over! Good

Renee Heinrich said...

We have a weimerhaner and she doesn't shed too much...good luck! The flu and cold are going around by us...I am spraying and disinfecting all day long. Uggg. Have fun tackling your mountain!

Stop by The Science School Yard
if you have time! Renee

Liveloveserveteach said...

I'll have to check out that book. I'm reading The Thirteenth Tale right now for a book club I'm part of. We meet Thursday and I'm only half done. Guess I'd better get reading too! Have a good week!
Joya :)

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