American Revolution Jingles

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We finished up our American Revolution unit last week and are ready for the test this week.  To review, we created jingles to help us remember the important events!
We started out by watching a short video clip on YouTube in which Payton Manning sings about his daily activities to the Nationwide jingle.  

I explained that we’d be using the same concept to help us remember important events from our chapter.  The kids brainstormed a huge list of events and people that they needed to know, and then they got to work.  I required two jingles, but a ton of the kids wanted to do more!  

After 15 minutes of work time, we gathered to share their creations.  Everyone had to share one of their jingles, and they all sang them!  I think they got a kick out of singing in class – even if it was just a seven syllable tune.

Some of the crowd favorites were:
“Lost my feet at Valley Forge”
 “Don’t give up! We’re going to win!”
“We surrounded Cornwallis” (About the Battle of Yorktown)
“Please don’t take our land away” (from the perspective of Chief Little Turtle)
“Man we just lost all our land” (About the Treaty of Greenville)
“I rode more than 40 miles” (About Sybil Ludington)

All in all, it was a fun lesson, and the kids will probably remember a few more bits of information for the test!


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