Assess Me: Yes or No

Monday, July 27, 2015

This morning, I’m joining in on a fun get-to-know-you linky party with The TattooedTeacher.  It is quite simple, just fill out the assessment!

1. I don’t talk to myself, but I frequently talk to my dog, Nellie…but, hey, I live alone! 
2. Not superstitious at all
3. Cracking your knuckles kind of gives me chills…
4. I’m rarely hungry
5. My tv is never on.  I do enjoy Netflix once in a while, but I’m a music over tv kind of girl.
6. Had them out at 16
7. Yay!  Finally a “yes” answer!
8. Not since I was a kid…11 I think.  I’d like to go back!
9. I probably should, but don’t
10. I even live in the same city

Have a great week!  


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