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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This month, I am excited to be linking up with Farley at Oh’ Boy 4thGrade for March Currently. 

Listening: Muse is one of my favorite bands, and lately I can’t get enough.  My current playlist on iTunes is very eclectic, but there’s a lot of Muse.

Loving: My kids ROCKED their persuasive paragraph assignment over the weekend!  On Friday, we read I Wanna Iguana and the kids were asked to write their parents a letter explaining something extravagant that they would like.  The final results were awesome!  They asked for everything from cars to bagpipes to dragons.  I am hoping to post some of their finished paragraphs this week.

Thinking: I am a list maker, but lately, it seems that the lists are getting longer and longer (and harder and harder to accomplish!).  I am hoping to tackle some things today to decrease the stress load.

Wanting: Spring Break cannot come soon enough.  I love teaching and I love coaching, but the combination is exhausting!  I am ready for a week with no requirements!

Needing: This week is the first round of our state testing, and perhaps the only time I am adamantly opposed to school delays and closings.  We just need to get there with nothing out of the ordinary so the kids can do their best on this test!

Spring Break Plans: I have nothing planned for Spring Break except relaxing.  Ok, I’ll probably be tackling some things on the never-ending-list, but I also hope to read and relax a bit, too!


Rachael Parlett said...

Hi there! Just came across your blog while linky up with Currently!

I'm with you on the to do list - mine never ends, only grows!

Good luck with your state testing!


Emily - Live This Love said...

Agreed; making lists is much easier than checking items off said lists!!! Hope you have a great spring break!


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